The Refuge Network is being developed to provide users with one of the first end-to-end privacy protocols built within the Ethereum Virtual Machine utilizing the ERC20 standard, Zero Knowledge Proofs and other solidity based contracts. The protocol and token will be deployable on any EVM compatible blockchain but will begin with deployments on ETH & BSC environments. Once the fully matured and developed network is deployed and we achieve full community participation with the collateralized node network, users will be able to hold RFGE (The Refuge Network’s fungible token), transact anonymously and with complete privacy on EVM blockchains. Network participants will also be able to deploy a collateralized node and contribute to the zero-knowledge proofing/rollup process and will receive a portion of transaction fees for their contributions to the network.


The Refuge Team

Our team is made up of experienced blockchain developers and privacy advocates. Our goal is to bring one of the first highly usable privacy protocols to the Ethereum environment.

Ali Mughal

Community Manager

Hayat Pashteen

Project Manager

Derek Chimeno

Blockchain Developer

Aleks Paladi

Solidity Developer


The Refuge Project

Freedom, Privacy & Decentralization 

Deploy RFGE Token (April 2022)

The token will initially be deployed on ETH & BSC blockchains in order to start gathering community participation.

Step One

Begin Buildout of Collateralized Node Network (April - June 2022)

The backbone of the future privacy protocol will be the ability for community members to deploy nodes providing computational resources in order to provide the full transaction anonymity we are designing for.

Step Two

Deploy RFGE Token on Larger CEXs (June 2022)

In order to facilitate further community and network maturity we will be pushing for very large exchange listings very early on in the development process in order to gain the public and community traction needed to allow our network to continue maturing.

Step Three

Deploy Collateralized Nodes and Enable Full Privacy Protocol (December 2022)

The final step in network maturity is taken once we have garnered enough community support to begin rolling out our collateralized node system and privacy protocols. Once completed community members will be able to send/receive RFGE transaction will full anonymity and also participate by deploying a node, providing computational resources and be rewarded with a portion of transaction fees in return for these network contributions.

Step Four

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